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I Published An Ad On Craigslist, But It's Not Showing Up In The Listings. Why?

Last Updated: Mar 04, 2013 06:59PM EST
This phenomenon is known as "ghosting" and it's Craigslist's attempt to prevent marketers from spamming their site. They want to make sure each listing is a unique ad posted by a unique individual.
They have very due reason to do this, but unfortunately in trying to keep spam out, they're also inadvertently blocking many users from making legitimate postings.
Craigslist uses an automatic Spam Filter that verifies 5 specific elements:
1. "Sparingly" Used HTML - Craigslist terms state to use HTML code "sparingly." There's really no need for HTML in bird dog recruiting ads anymore, as you can enter a direct link to your site (e.g. "").
2. IP Address - This is the most important factor. When connected to the Internet, your unique IP identifies your computer among all others in the world. According to Craigslist's terms, ads can only be posted from a specific IP in one city, one section within a certain time frame. Similar ads posted in multiple sections or multiple cities shortly after one another will be ghosted.
3. Email or Account - Similar to IP, there's a limited amount of times you can post with the same email address within 48 hours.
4. Ad Title and Content - Craigslist's Spam Filter automatically cross-matches titles and contents to make sure ads are unique. Duplicate or very similar ads will either be ghosted or generate a duplicate post error.
5. Common Sense - There are some small factors Craigslist looks at to determine if ads are unique and applicable to the section under which they were posted. These include location, keywords in content, compensation, etc. How does common sense apply? Craigslist recognizes differences between a local business owner and a national marketer or spammer. For example, a local business owner will likely provide a Location for his ad, while a national marketer will either leave the location field blank or fill it with a web address.

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