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There Are Other Prospect Master Investors In My Market. Will This Affect My Ad Response?

Last Updated: Mar 04, 2013 06:50PM EST
We have a few markets where a number of investors are using the system, but we really haven't observed an over-saturation effect.

That's simply due to the nature of online classified sites & how our system works. After you post a bird dog recruiting ad, it moves down the list pretty quickly as people post other job opportunities. So it's rare that two investors ads would show up close to each other.

And even when they do, the observed effect is negligible.

If you do see a lot of Prospect Master activity in your market on a certain online classified site, you may choose to use other sites (,,,,, etc). In the meantime, you can continue to monitor Prospect Master marketing activity on your original site & post an ad when activity thins.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you're "competing" with other Prospect Master investors, bird dogs will likely sign up for the Program that has the better compensation package.

And most importantly to keep in mind, it typically only takes a few ad posts in a market to generate a sizable bird dog network. There's a point where your bird dog network & your lead flow are at comfortable levels, so you can stop posting ads recruiting NEW bird dogs & really focus on building relationships with the ones you have.

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