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Where Are My Customizations From TLS App?

Last Updated: Aug 18, 2012 06:10PM EDT
Note: For users who used Teamwork Lead System prior to our upgrade to Prospect Master, you will notice that your website and software has been upgraded to our newest version.  To allow you to take advantage of the new features we had to upgrade everyone to our new standard site content.  

Q: Have I Lost My Customizations?
A: No! We backed up your old website, and you have full access to this text.

Q: How Do I See My Original Customizations?
A: You will notice that a lot of new pages have been added to Prospect Master, and other pages just have new "names".  For pages that were used in the original version of TLS, there will be a "Copy My Original Customizations" link on that page in the Site Management section of the Investment Center.

Q: How Do I Apply My Original Customizations To My New Site?
A: First, you must view your original customizations (see above).  Secondly, copy all the text from the text box displayed in the "Copy My Original Customizations" window, and then close this window.  Next, click the "Toggle HTML Source" icon in the editor (3rd icon from the bottom right).  Select all the text in this window and delete it.  Finally, paste the text you copied in step two.

Q: I've Changed My Mind I Want The New Version Back!
A: No problem.  Our new website format is very effective at converting visitors to opt-ins, and opt-ins to ACTIVE members.  Active members mean more leads and more deals.

To revert to the default web page text, just utilize the "Reset to Default" button for that page.

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